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Zukiestyle's Top Ten Movie Pets

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We love a good movie, but we love it even more when a furry (or not so furry) totally steals the scene! Here are Zukiestyle's top ten movie pets. Let's see how many you recognise...


1. Lassie - obviously! So well-groomed.




2. Technically more than one...one hundred and one to be exact!


101 dalmatians


3. Dr Evil's Cat in Austin Powers - not so furry this one.


dr evils cat


4. We couldn't possibly forget this slobbery trouble-maker; Beethoven.




5. Talking of trouble-makers, Marley and Me has to be a favourite.




6. Now, Crookshanks from Harry Potter has to be the most beautiful.




7. And lest we forget the adorable Toto from The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy wouldn't have stood a chance without him.


toto wizard of oz


8. If you've never seen The Little Rascals, let me introduce Pete. He has many a well-timed look in this hilarious film.


pete little rascals


9. Homeward Bound - spoilt with three beauties; Chance, Shadow and Sassy the cat.


homeward bound


10. And finally...who said it had to be a real pet?


buster toy story


Very tempted to do a top ten cartoon pets. Though there are so many I may have to do the top 20 instead!

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