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Balls everywhere!

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That's right, it's football and rugby season. The time when hours of the day can be spent staring at lots of men throwing and kicking a ball around. And we LOVE IT!

sage rugby world cup

Sage has found the biggest and best ball of them all! The Rugby World Cup runs from September 18th to October 31st. Plenty of time to order one of these gorgeous makes.

Sage is wearing our very own English rose. These bandanas can be personalised and in a colour of your choice from £6.50.


 But if Football is more your cup of tea we have a whole range of goodies for you.



red balls

This Premiership dog and cat bandana comes in 3 different colours and 5 different sizes to suit your furry, starting from just £3.50!

Or perhaps you have a favourite team you support. We've got a great selection of team collars available.

 england collar 2

One of our favourites and very popular in the animal world are these personalised team number bandanas. Sage has quite a collection forming! Visit Sage's Page on Facebook and see just how many you can spot.

sage number

harry number

arf number

 If you prefer to watch sports from across the pond, we have some amazing American Canadian personalised jersey bandanas. Look how glorious Bronte looks supporting the Green Bay Packers!

bronte all america green bay packers bandana £5.50-£15 any team personalisa


And Buddy for Tampa Bay.

tampa bay bandana buddy

Now, watch those balls everyone or the pups will be off with them!


cat ref

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