The DogWalker's HandyBag

The DogWalker's HandyBag


The DogWalker's HandyBag

'The DogWalker's HandyBag'

This brand new invention from ZukieStyle is much more attractive to wear than using a bumbag to carry your doggy essentials whilst out walking your pooch.


Simply use the metal hooks to slip it over the top of your trousers/skirt or belt. This leaves your hands free to throw those balls!

Size approx 40cm x 21cm

Black satin canvas with waterproof lining and metal hook fasten

There are several features that make this no ordinary bag:-

  • The inner lining is waterproof and can be simply wiped clean and dry
  • The metal hooks are attached by a slip ring that can be used for clipping leads/collars/whistles and other clip on/tie accessories
  • There are 5 waterproof pockets in total - including a slobber free phone pocket
  • Large zip back pocket
  • The two front pockets expand, perfect for keeping toys and poo bags in.
  • Attractive design which can be created in any fabric you desire

If this design is too plain for you, please get in touch where we can discuss which fabric would suit your personality. The lining on this particular bag is a waterproof animal print, however, black can also be used.

* Please note lead & collar are not included

This product is handmade in the UK by ZukieStyle :)

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