American Canadian Team Jersey Bandana Neckerchief

American Canadian Team Jersey Bandana Neckerchief


American Canadian Team Jersey Bandana Neckerchief

Are you passionate about your team? Whether it be baseball, softball, basketball, American football, ice hockey or any other team sport! We love to re-create your team jersey into bandana form.

Your pet can cheer you on from the sideline too!!!

Green Bay Packers Dog Bandana

Bronte supporting Green Bay Packers

We will try our best to design your bandana to the closest jersey design possible. Please give as much information on your team colours as you can in the drop down menu.

Important - For X-small sizes we are unable to applique the numbers due to size restrictions, so these will be plain embroidered.

Approx size details as follows for slip over collar styles (please be advised certain breeds do vary!)


 Extra Small: 18.5cm (l) x 10.5cm (h) approx for collar width 2.5cm or less Ideal forPapillon,Chihuahua & Cats

 Small: 28.5cm (l) x 15.5cm (h) approx for collar width 3.5cm or less

 Ideal for Jack Russell,Corgi, Cocker Spaniel & Beagle  

  Medium: 40.5cm (l) x 20.5cm (h) approx for collar width 4cm or less

 Ideal for Springer Spaniel, Small Lab, Boxer & Staffy

  Large: 44.5cm (l) x 23cm (h) approx for collar width 5cm or less

 Ideal for Larger Lab, Alsation, Rottweiler

 X-Large: 51cm (l) x 30cm (h) approx for collar width 6cm or less

 Ideal for Malamute, Leonberger

Slip on version only for cats please due to safety

You may choose slip over the collar or neckerchief versions of this design.


Bandana Size:
Full Team Name:

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