Varsity Style Dog And Cat Bandanas

Varsity Style Dog And Cat Bandanas


Varsity Style Dog And Cat Bandanas

Show team spirit with our adorable Varsity style dog and cat bandanas. 

These are an original ZukieStyle design, if you see these anywhere else they are imitations! We are proud to have designed such a fun and popular bandana style.

These bandanas are available in various colours with a bold letter, which is appliqued directly onto the bandana using cotton fabric and a white polyester thread.

The letters measure approx 6cm x 3cm (2.5" x 1.5")

Please choose your letter and colour from the drop down menu.

Sizes as follows:

Extra Small: 18.5cm (l) x 10.5cm (h) approx for collar width 2.5cm or less Ideal forPapillon,Chihuahua & Cats

 Small: 28.5cm (l) x 15.5cm (h) approx for collar width 3.5cm or less

 Ideal for Jack Russell,Corgi, Cocker Spaniel & Beagle  

 Medium: 40.5cm (l) x 20.5cm (h) approx for collar width 4cm or less

  Ideal for Springer Spaniel, Small Lab, Boxer & Staffy

 Large: 44.5cm (l) x 23cm (h) approx for collar width 5cm or less

 Ideal for Larger Lab, Alsation, Rottweiler

   X-Large: 51cm (l) x 30cm (h) approx for collar width 6cm or less

 Ideal for Malamute, Leonberger

We recommend handwashing this particular design

Available as a slip over bandana or neckerchief, slip on collar for cats only please due to safety reasons

Bandana/Neckerchief Colour:
Bandana Size:
Neckerchief Option (To Tie Around The Neck):
Letter Colour:

Quantity:  at  £5.50  each

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