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Take a look at our cute quirky collars for your mischievous moggy.

Breakaway collars are available in 3 sizes:

Small (15cm - 20cm approx) Suitable for a kitten

Medium (17.5cm - 28cm approx) Suitable for a grown cat

Large (20cm - 30cm) Suitable for a bigger cat.

ZukieStyle Cat Collars

 ZukieStyle cat collars are created using either breakaway buckles or a nickel buckle with hidden elastic underneath for safety. 

Breakaway buckles are specially designed for cats. If their collar catches on something, the cat's twisting or struggling action causes the buckle to open, freeing the cat

Buckle opens with pulling and twisting. NEVER use this buckle with a lead.

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All cat collars come with a bell. We also offer an optional named disc service. Please choose from the drop down menu for your requirement.

Puuuuurfect Puss!

Have you seen our collar flowers? X-Small look adorable on pussy cats 

 marius in pink collar flower

Marius wears turquoise polka dot cat collar and shocking pink collar flower